Monday, December 9, 2013


Hey jammers/mice/whatevers! xD

I know that I quit and all but I had to share this since I think it's hilarious. I mean sure, it's a hack but it's still PRETTY cool.

I have a picture to prove it:

Like what the...?! So if you may not play Transformice, these springs are a skill for shamans. However, for each map you sham you can only create three springs, while here you see... A MILLION?!?!

The username of this person is Yeremialbo. Here is some information about them (this may not be correct when you check since profiles constantly change):

Level 100 
Registration date : 18/09/2012 
Current title : Alpha & Omega 
Tribe : ArTe PoeTico

Mice with cheese saved: 141226 / 106338 
Cheese personally gathered : 6083 

Cheese gathered first : 19901 
Gathered cheese : 65597 
Bootcamp : 8023 

Wow, that's a lot! O3o Anyways, here are also some amazing titles he/she has:

«Shamarvelous», «Wall-Jumper», «Alpha & Omega», «Gravity Master», etc.

Keep on the watch for them, they are a serious hacker! Other than this hack, I have a feeling they also speed hack slightly, and might even fly hack! Remember to report and ban them too! c;


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