Monday, April 21, 2014

My AJ/Blogger Story

It's thebeatles0042 here :D
So you may have recognized that I have changed my user to Peter the Dog.
That's because I created a blog for my dog, Peter.
How did I all come to this?
If there is anyone here still reading Animal Jam Bouncies, I hope you read this.
It all started in 2011, me and jammie263 (as I call Ser) became really good friends (yes, we know each other in person). She told me about a game called Animal Jam.
I decided to join the game since it seemed kind of fun.
So, my user is thebeatles0042, and you may recognize The Beatles part of it.
Funny story, in 2011, in music I was learning about the band and I couldn't think of a user, so that's how I got it.
0042? Actually the first account I made was thebeatles00452. But the next day, I completely forgot that one, so I created another one, thebeatlles0042. 
From then on, I used thebeatles0042.
The first few months of AJ was AWESOME.
It was like a little duck that had just hatched out of it's shell, exploring a new world (okay sorry really cheesy). But still, it was really exciting.
Then in early 2012, I became a member, and I learned about blogs.
Most of the AJ blogs are deserted, or deleted.
In fact when I tried to search up LoveLost's blog, it's now gone. 
Anyways, I always checked out the blogs, I was even inspired, so I created an account, first known as thebeatles0042. 
It was great, I didn't have that many fans, but I was still really happy. 
Then jammie263 (I will be calling her Ser here) saw my blog, I guess she became inspired by other bloggers and I guess my blog too. 
She created it.
I was really happy for her, but by the time she created the blog, I was a non-rare type of person, she was a rare person, with the rare items, making her more and more known.
I have to admit, I was a little jealous. But I was still happy for her. 
This next part is really hard for me to type, especially since Ser is a really good friend, and I don't want to hurt her feelings...
The more she became known, it felt as if I wasn't known at all.
There were more people following her than mine. 
I felt sad, I felt as if I was a complete fraud or a no one.
Then my blog was deleted. Somehow Google had found out my real age. 
I was really upset.
Yet no one seemed to really care. Everyone always sent Ser fan AJ mail, me?
I never got a single one saying at least nothing. 
I was really upset. At the same time, I couldn't be mad at her. 
But then I created an account, a new account.
I asked if I could join her blog, not for fame, but to blog again, especially since I somehow forgot how to create a blog. 
I joined, and I posted some stuff.
I wasn't as popular as Ser, but I was still happy, able to blog again. 
I then created a new blog when I entered 5th grade, Peter's Diary. 
I had just got Peter by the time I created the blog.
(Peter is my golden retriever) 
I always wrote on the blog, I was really happy, I had abandoned my bad memories of AJ and the AJ blogging, I was happy.
Right now, I don't have enough time to blog on Peter's Diary, but I'm still really happy. 
Right now I'm in 6th grade, almost in Middle School.
I still deal with rude people, but no matter what, I'm still happy.
I just leave the rude people, who cares about them anyways? No one!
The rude people often leaves a connection of me and the people on AJ, there were many mean people there, first I was all sensitive and sad when I was hurt.
Now, I'm not hurt, I pushed those people back, I don't care about them
And sometimes people can get ahead of you, even if you started the idea. 
It's okay, life is like this, just be happy, and I know no one will be reading this but, I hope from this post you have learned something. 
By guys, 
And if you're still on AJ or still blogging:
Blog on or Jam on Jammers :-)

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