Saturday, September 15, 2012

2nd Way to do AJ Birthday Party Glitch

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here

with some great news!!

I think I've just figured out how to do the AJ Birthday Party Glitch ANOTHER WAY!!

Some others may have already knew this that aren't bloggers I know of, but here is how:

(Didn't feel the need to make a video)

Stand on the left bottom side of the cake, right above the statues.

Click the grass to the left of where you are standing. ^_^

Click someone's name tag.

Play a game.

Cancel quickly.

Then click where my name tag is, if you find yourself cutting into the side of the cake. o.o

All credit goes to me (Jammie263)! ^_^ Lol just kidding, partial credit goes to me, and the rest to some people who were doing the glitch around there that gave me the idea! I'm thinking, maybe it will work on the other side of the cake? 

Have a phantastic day!

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