Sunday, September 9, 2012

Graham Fountain - 8000 Views!

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here! ^_^

The only new item today is at the Monkeys Only Party for 750 gems, members only.

Sorry I hadn't done this about 3 hours ago, my computer was malfunctioning and it wouldn't let me post anything.

In my opinion, they should of made the graham fountain look bigger when buying it, and I actually don't know how big it is, since I didn't buy it. 

I'm guessing they made this item because people were liking the Zios fountain, and they are most likely going to make a lot more of these.

I think this doesn't particularly look like a Graham fountain... I think it looks more like a Danny Gokey fountain. .-.

See the resemblance,

the spiky hair and glasses?! :P

Also, you know how I mentioned we were close to having 8000 views? We're there!! ^_^ 

Thank you everyone so much!!

Anyways, that's it so jam on AJ jammers! :)

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