Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weird Glitches, Discovering Glitches, and extras

Hello jammers! Jammie263 here!

I'm going to show you some things I forgot to show you before.

This is what happens when you gain membership. When you click See Features...

This shows up.

Now onto the new update (a bit early in my opinion)

New shirts is the cover for Jamaa Journal now!

At the bottom of the AJ screen, this shows now!

Here are some weird glitches that hasn't been found before:

When I hovered over the search button and my computer was glitching, the word disappeared! 

I tried to get into my friend MetroLeaf's den, but it said it was locked!

"Oops! This Jammer's den is locked. Become buddies to visit their den!" Wow.. I'm already their buddy, AJ.

Here is the new glitch I believe I found out first, or at least the first person to post it that I know of. There are many other ways, but this one in my opinion works best, although I think all of the ways are pretty hard:

Stand around here! (on the stairs to the top floor, near the top)

Click the corner of the floor below!

Play any game, and cancel quickly.

You want to play and cancel.

If you start cutting near the triangular place, click where I'm standing.

If you cut right near the bottom of the steps, make sure to click there real quick, or you will get out of the glitch and have to start over.

Basically when I was trying to make a video, I attempted 5 times to make one, but each failed because I couldn't do the glitch. o.o

If you read this and post this on your blog, please give me credit! (and if you could, and link to this blog? :D)

Have a phantastic day!

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