Saturday, September 8, 2012

Round Glasses

Hello there! Jammie263 here!

Lol that rhymed. Anyways, the daily item is at Jam Mart Clothing!

They are 300 gems, and I'm glad to say, non member!! :P

This is a nice idea, but like Snowyclaw said, I doubt this item will become popular since glasses aren't a commonly worn clothing. :\

Oh and, thank you to all my supporters, and it seems my comments have been going down lately... busy 'eh?

I'm also getting quite close to 8000 views, which I really can't wait for! :)

It seems my Jammie263's Life blog is really going well, but since I quit Animal Jam Friendship, no comments have been coming in there. ^^ I understand that.

So yeah, thanks!

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  1. uhhh jam mart furniture? wouldnt that be clothing?
    sorry im like grammar patrol XD

    1. lol. i am getting so forgetful these days... thanks for telling me ^^


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