Sunday, September 16, 2012

@ Lehelter - 350th Post

@ Lehelter

If you ever check out my blog still, here are some heads up:

You said you were going to help me out with this blog, so I let you become and author.

Then, you posted 2 times about being a new author then officially abandoned this site.

You are a great blogger, and I kept you there, hoping you would still post once in a while.
You didn't, so I have decided to remove you from posting on this blog. 

Sorry if this makes you mad, because I really am not trying to be mean, I still love you as a buddy, and I hope this doesn't affect our buddy relationship. :)

So yeah, that's all about this post... :P

Have a pawsome day!

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  1. you put and instead of an

    1. Huh? I did realize I made 1 mistake.. and I changed it but it wasn't that.



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