Friday, September 7, 2012

News Crew Assignment - 333th Post & How to: Write a good article

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry I didn't post this earlier... there's a new and updated News Crew Assignment!!

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I entered! :) I feel so accomplished.

Once the winner is announced, I'll show you may work! ^_^

And you will be much disappointed if you keep on thinking of me as an amazing writer... so yeah, for just a while, think of me as someone who has never gone to school before and barely knows how to write. 

Just a few tips here and there (some ideas go to Feelers):

1. Make sure you do spell everything correctly! If you write something like this:

i lik golden lion monkeyz b/c their very kool an i tink they hav awsom manes. thes monkeyz shur no stle

you are not going to go that far.

2. Search for facts, and make sure you go to different places! When entering, you want to make sure you know a lot about the topic, and didn't just look at one place! If you just have something like this:

Golden lion tamarins are really cool monkeys! They live in Brazil and are very small creatures.

This may sound pretty good, but it doesn't have enough facts to be the winner. Try to find at least 5-8 facts, more the better. But don't go over the limit of 250 words!

3. Get your grammar and punctuation right! It's acceptable on Animal Jam, but on these articles, they want good grammar and punctuation! Please edit then re-edit your work, to make sure you didn't make mistakes! I recommend going onto "Word" (if you have a Mac) so they will tell you if you made errors

4. Stay on topic! Please don't start going onto your own path about your experience! You can maybe mention a little, but nobody wants a story about your life when they asked for facts.

5. No advertising! Even though you may want your blog to be famous or your user to be famous, if people want to find out, they will. People go to read since they want to learn, be informed, and ugh can't think of some other ones...

6. Don't end abruptly or start suddenly! Never start something totally different or suddenly stop an idea! Here is an example of ending abruptly:

Golden lion tamarins weigh really little! Okay that's it for now, bye bye peeps!

And another example of starting suddenly:

I think they are endangered because of their habitat! They can't live in many places. I really like these monkeys!

So yeah, just don't do that!!

7. Be in a good mood! When writing this article, you may want to choose a time when you are happy or excited! I want to see some more explanation points!!!!! If you are in the sad type of mood, your article will keep on drifting off into you being grumpy!

8. Have fun! The number one rule, have fun! Even if you don't win, try again! It is still a great skill to learn how to be a good writer! Don't feel unhappy. Show me that smile! :)

So yeah, hope this helps! :)

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