Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monthly Member Gift - September & Backpack

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

It's September, which means the new Monthly Member Gift is here!! 

Take a look:

Once you click create:

You choose colors.

You choose eye type.

You choose Ears Tail and Hair looks.

Then you choose name!

You go to Pet Stop to give your monkey some cool specialties.

Here are all the choices, you may have 1 of each! :P

And the monkeys' special thing it can do is...

juggle bananas and then peel 'em and eat 'em! :P :P :P So awesome!

Onto the daily item at Jam Mart Clothing...

Yay! It's non member, except some may not exactly want to be reminded of school...

Anyways, it is 400 gems. This item seems a bit more of a human type item, but it is very neat, and the design is quite detailed! (though the front part looks kind of blank)

You guys should buy this item is you want your pet monkey and you to look like great buddies, because monkey pets can also have backpacks on their backs'! Except there's are smaller.. :P

Jam on AJ Jammers!

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  1. These monkey pets are super cute! I got a black back-pack for my pet monkey and my animal monkey has a black back-pack too!

  2. Nice pet monkey, he/she is very cute! Cool blog, I'll be sure to follow! ;)

    And, cool music! I like it! :)

  3. I know how to get more pet monkeys. If you want to know how send me a jam a gram when I'm on. I'll meet you somewhere and tell you how. :) My user is 2madpies5

    1. Lol i figured it out a while ago but i didn't feel like updating this post .-.

      Thanks though!

      ^_^ Jammie263


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