Monday, September 3, 2012

RIM (Rare Item Monday) - Rare King's Crown

Hey jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry that I didn't do this earlier in the morning, I just did a Kumon assessment because I'm thinking of starting.

Anyways, it's Monday, which means... it's time for the Rare Monday Item!!

The King's Crown is in stores also, but now there is a new special color! 

This item is way more expensive than the regular one, 800 gems!
Just like the King's Crown, the Rare King's Crown is members only.
It is at Jam Mart Furniture.

Nothing much else to say, so long jammers! :)

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  1. My dad will pick you up or you will go with me on the bus back home then we go to Kumon, btw, which level are you on? I'm on Level F.

    1. I just started and I'm only doing 5th grade stuff right now. Didn't start yet. I fail, we won't be in the same class I think. The teacher says you have a lot of pressure but you're doing really well now.. and you can't concentrate. :P I think she was using use as if you were me... -.-



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