Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animal Jam's 2nd Year Updates!

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

This was a later post that I had been expecting, but there is so much to post, it took quite a while.

First off, here's the new item:

It's 400 gems, members only! I'm still a non-member!

At Jam Mart Furniture, I must admit this item looks quite pretty! ^_^

Happy Birthday to you Animal Jam! ^-^

Sorry I can't show you a tour of the party just yet, I didn't get a chance since mom didn't allow me to go on the computer once I got back home. I will show you very soon!

New Print and Play activites at Tierney's Aquarium, and the Summer Carnival ending soon.. everything we know.

Enter BIRTHDAYBAASH and you will get the huge birthday cake! It's way bigger than the first year cake. :P

That hedge hog is absolutely adorable!

I think animal jam should make a pet hedgehog! Or porcupine, they would be so popular! ^-^

Level 1!!! 

Wow did I seriously pass that..? This game is similar to a game on Google! :P

Level 2!! Not much difference at all... seriously. Just a different background that kind of haunted me, kind of.

Proud to say.. I really did pass it! :D

Level 3!! Sorry I didn't get a picture of the ending of level 3, never passed it. o.o Didn't really try either. I'm guessing there are like 100 levels, so good luck guys! (>^#^<) Here's a waffle!! Just kidding, ITS MINE! >:D

And last but not least, this last page that we all know about... oh and the question mark is supposed to be a mushroom! Here is my favorite entry for the den contest, which could be the winner, or maybe the first one showing is...?

It would be so awesome, right!? Animal Jam was probably trying to give a clue when they had mushroom chairs and tables come out. 

I wonder what the inside would look like. So curious! 0.0

Oh, and this reminds me so much of last fall:

It's just so pretty! ^-^

Wait, was I even here last fall...? I think I was, but I seriously didn't think I have been here for that long.. o.o 

Oh and, I updated the memories page! ^-^

Jam on AJ Jammers!

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