Sunday, September 9, 2012

Budding Me Problems

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

Recently, I have been receiving quite a bit of jam-a-grams that go along with the lines of:

I deeply appreciate these messages, I really do.

It's just that if you don't either fill out the *form*.

If you don't know about my blog, here is some info of how I will buddy you online:

1. You jam-a-gram me and tell me to go to *somewhere* to meet you, and why. We chat, and I decide you are really nice. 

2. We randomly meet, and we start to talk and laugh. I think you seem very humorous.

3. You are one of my idols, such as GreatShot, Lovelost, Gingerpawz, Snowyclaw, VivaCandy, Dolphingirl7, and some other famous or really nice/funny people/bloggers on Animal Jam that isn't my buddy (some of my idols such as Omnipotence, Goofy8966, TheSafari07, Tiggerkat, and much more are already my buddies!).

4. You comment on my blog a lot, entered polls, viewed often, told others, and hopefully followed all/some/one of my blogs.

5. One of my buddies talks about you, and they say I should add you. :3

So yeah, those are just a few! :)

Also, I usually have a full buddy list, so I may say I will buddy you later (which I will sincerely try to do (maybe >:D just kidding)) Currently I have 101 buddies.. :P

Jam on AJ jammers!

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  1. Yeah, I get those a lot, they keep on sending me stuff like saying, YOUR AWESOME PLEASE ADD ME
    (I'm not awesome!) Or ADD ME I WANT YOUR VIKING HAT
    (viking hats aren't THAT rare!)

    1. Yeah lol you told me that at school. Sorry didn't get back to you, it's hard to keep on checking to see if you commented, since yours don't have to go through the moderation! :3


    2. Lol i never get that :P So I guess im lucky :D

  2. hi jammer is it?i really like your blog it would be nice to meet you,i am pokemon4evervulpix just send me a letter and we could be some time. you seem pretty awsome!i might have a bunch of friends but,i will save yuo a spot.i really like your blog!

    1. It's Jammie and uh.. click over there the buddy sign thing and fill out the form.. k? That isn't a form but you can put some of those things into the form. Some of them would fit well!

      Thanks! :D


  3. flareonabsol68 is my buddy actulaly, i think she was just on...


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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