Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Buddy Policy And Info

Hi jammers!
Jammie263 here!

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If you are reading this, you most likely want to become my buddy. Right?
If so, here are some policies and info on how to become my buddy!

Here are some policies:

1. I don't add random people, meaning people I don't know.

2. If I say, sorry, I have a full buddy list, it means I'm not going to delete someone.

3. I don't like scamming, so if you are one and I know, I won't add you. Sometimes my buddies are actually very nice, and I'm not sure they do scam.... so yeah. -.-

4. If I see you bullying someone, I won't add you if you ask.

5. I won't add you if you only care about rares, and just want to buddy me because I am rare.

4. Please no begging, it makes me feel bad, for something that is your problem. (not trying to be mean) 

5. I don't add you if you are inappropriate or say any swears.

6. Never ask me to be your buddy more than 3 times in a row, because I get frustrated or am playing a game.

Here is some info about how I do things:

1. I always joke around, so please don't take anything that you find hurtful seriously!

2. Just because I don't add you, doesn't mean I don't like you! I usually have a full buddy list, and rarely delete people!

3. If you aren't my buddy, it doesn't mean we can't keep in touch! Sometimes, I meet people that aren't my buddy everyday, and we talk! :)

4. Don't worry, I won't only add people who are rare! I'm not that kind of person.

5. This is for my idols: If you want to be my buddy, just send a request! :P I love when I get to be my idols' buddies!

6. If you don't think I will accept the request, feel free to send a comment under this post, saying the following things:

Your username

3 reasons why you want to buddy me.

How often you go on

1-2 facts about you

7. Make sure you understand everything I said!

Please don't say this is not fair, because it only takes up about 2-3 minutes of your life!

If you truly want to become my buddy, this small sacrifice shouldn't be much!

Need ideas? 
Here is an example for the entry:

Username: Jammie263

Reason 1: I love your blog, and I'm a big fan! 

Reason 2: I think we are much a like, and you seem like a good person!

Reason 3: I want to keep in touch with you, so we chat can and have fun! :)

Yes, they can be very short like that! Just please don't take all those ideas in your entry!

How often do I go on: I go on very often about 2 hours a day.

Fact 1: I love to type!

Fact 2: I love singing, dancing, and just chillin' with my buddies!

I will reply to tell you if I will add you, and will either send a buddy request right a way, or ask you to!

Please tell me if you don't want your comment published in the comment, and remember to not give personal info!

Thank you for your time! :)


  1. Username: animals26
    I go on AJ 247 (Don't judge me) D=
    Reason 1: I really like your blog and you're really funny!
    Reason 2: I'm a Jammer not a scammer!
    Reason 3: You're one of my role-models! =D
    Fact 1: I'm planning to play AJ my whole life.
    Fact 2: I love animals, AJ, and last but not least, BLOGGING!

    1. -laughs-

      24 hours 7 days a week?! So you don't sleep. XD

      It's nice to hear that you like my blog and I'm one of your role-models! Just saying, you haven't known me for long.. :P but I'll take funny.

      I also love animals, AJ, and blogging. :) I think we have much in common, but I'd first like you to do some things:

      1. Enter all my polls that aren't finished (unless you already have, and I trust you, don't pretend to, not like you have to pay)

      2. Comment this much on my blog almost everyday and for all my other blogs, at jammie263animaljamfriendship.blogspot.com (animal Jam friendship) and jammie263life.blogspot.com (jammie263's life).

      3. Follow all of my blogs.

      And I will add you! You don't have to do the first one, but I'd be very happy. I will know when you do 2 and 3, just tell me when you do number 1 and I will buddy you! :)


    2. username:pokemon4evervulpix
      i really like having fun on aj with my buds
      Reason 1:i like reading your blog
      reason 2:your pretty nice you chose your friends
      reason3:not a scammer i will kinda get upset a little but not with my friends often,unless they are begging me for my rares if i say i quit,im not a bad person after your my friend for a while if you know vampirekittyxd ask her.fact1:like i said im not mean i dont like getting bossed around,i will stand up for anyone(even friends and strangers)fact2:i will not judge rare from un rare,im kind i will celebrate birthdays i like being around people!

    3. I only got that you like reading my blog and you know vampirekittyxd and you don't judge people by rare and unrare. I'm happy you are viewing my blog, I'm happy you don't judge people that way, but please make this neater like and possibly put spaces between each thing you want to say.

      Thanks! :D

  2. Your username: Jazzynack

    3 reasons why you want to buddy me.
    1.You seem really nice from what I've heard.
    2. I really like your blog and your banner
    3.I just really want to be buddies so I would have someone to talk to :)

    How often you go on

    About a few hours a day (2-6)

    1-2 facts about you
    1. Im extremely hyper so I will be random sometimes
    2. I am quite young to be doing my own blog

    1. Sure! :P I'd love to be your buddy! But just something extra if you could maybe do... could you follow my blogs? :P You may have no seen Animal Jam Friendship yet.. it's at jammie263animaljamfriendship.blogspot.com! :D :) :P :D :) :P


    2. I have seen Animal Jam friendship and I have followed that blog and this blog...So far. Im not sure if you have more but whatever. :P Oh and thanks for going on my blog ^.^

    3. Oh and I forgot to add jammie263life.blogspot.com, it's about my life! I'm not sure you followed that one yet, I don't think you have. Did you send me a buddy request already? Because if you did, I'm still going to send it to you, not accept yours because for me, that just doesn't work. The computer glitches up. O.O

      Thanks a ton for your support! :)


  3. Hi!

    I want to be your buddy :D

    Username: Wolfgirlgo
    Why i want to be your buddy: 1. I dont see many jammers that arent mean but are still epicly fun :D. 2. I love having member friends that understand me. 3. I want to be with you to keep learning things about your blog!

    2 facts about me:
    I LOVE! to horse ride
    And i dont take much of anything seriousley! (so please tell me when you are being serious!

    I will buddy you when you approve of this buddy request :)

    1. @ Wolfgirlgo

      I don't know what you mean by "I don't see many jammers that aren't mean but (why but?) are still epicly fun or "I love having MEMBER friends that understand me.

      And I would add you.. but you do realize we are already buddies, right? O_O



    2. Lol, "but you do realize we are already buddies" XD

  4. @ Wolfgirlgo

    Hey! How come I searched you up and it says you aren't my buddy anymore!! :( Do you think I'm being mean because if you do I'm so sorry!


  5. dear jsmmie,
    Heyllo there! I am funplay1 (as you probably know ive been commenting a lot!) I really think we have a lot of things in common! heres some INTERESTING THINGS about me! I like to come to some of my best friends randomly! I dont like gatting mad but i get mad really easily :<. I dont like mean ppl! sorry i am lazy today so if you want to know anything else ask bunnyman! She knows a lot about meh O.O I might write a lot though because i am in the writing mood! (another thing i like to do) funny thing:
    Me and one of my best friends slyfoxx (before we were freinds) we hid in the pots at the pillo room and where saying really funny stuff! I also have awkward jokes that some ppl take seriously too. Because at the end at like 9:51 pm XP i had to go and i said g2g! and we buddied and i was like "okay! Here is some lemonade to drink before I go! *pors lemonade in*" he said *drowns* and we both said XD and I left. good times :) oh i rememberd that i come on for a long time. a hour or less in the morning before school and a bit after school depends but today and usually i go on for 4-6 hours tops on weekends.. Lazy weekends: 6-all day X{D busy weekends: 1-3 hours or less. I WROTE A LOT SORRY!!!! :'C my bad The End!

    1. I sent you a buddy request once you logged off, but you didn't accept yet. Thanks for writing this! It's so long I feel lazy to read it, who am I kidding me, I'll try.

      Comments about your facts and stuff:

      You come to your best friends randomly, or you become best friends with people randomly? :P
      I get mad easily too.. -.-
      That's okay, I love when I'm in a writing mood. :)
      Aww.. I love memories! I have a page about memories on this blog actually! :D Check it out, or check it out at Animal Jam Friendship.. I quit that one but that one may have more memories added to it, since I had planned on putting it there before I felt like quitting it.

      Lol, I used to go on that much, but now I can only go on from 8 to 10 PM at night.. but my mom makes some exceptions. :)

      P.S. It's fine it's long.. you did nothing wrong! :P


    2. I go to my friends randomly. Really sometimes my other friends are boring no offence to them. Because all they do is play games or ignore me and only play with freinds. It stinks. XD yesterday was boring sorry
      do you like moostaches? :{D ? If you ever see me on or anything if were not frieds will you meet me in my den?


  6. @ Funplay1

    Sorry that I don't reply to all comments, when I was really new to blogging I was always bored, so I did. Now I reply to about 2 of every 5. ^_^ And wow, then why are you their buddies if they ignore you!?

    P.S. I love mustaches! :{D

    -Jammie263 LOL

  7. My username is Yugio123. (You can delete yugio and add pikachu3445 tomorrow. I'll tell you later why)
    Why I want to be your buddy:
    You seem really nice and fun!
    You view my blog, and it's nice once in a while to add people that view your blog.
    You are really awesome.
    I love animals.
    I like pizza.
    I'm half Italian. (I can speak Italian) And I can speak English
    How much do I play?:
    Mostly, I spend the day on there, and take a break at night.
    P.S You read Animal Jam Zebra (My blog) A.K.A AJ fun world.

    1. Hmm... I'll think about it although those aren't exactly cool facts. :P


  8. My user name is awesome108163 I speak Russian too! Пыпыпынйрыоыоыоыфнфнффрытыьфщфщышфгфгфнфнйнфрытыьыьыбыжфхдфлылфлышыгыниыпыпыпыпыпчтыьыоыоырыпфпфкцвйййпрырытытытытыофтфтфофоыовоатаьвбыюыжвщвьвоарарара lol right!?

  9. My username:Bunnyfoofee

    Reason 1:You're very friendly like me so I know we could get along
    Reason 2:I read your blog and it is awesome!
    Reason 3:Your not a scammer your a jammer ^_^

    Fact 1:I'm a jammer NOT a scammer. o don't worry I wo't scam you.
    Fact 2:I'm fun, nice, chilled, and happy. I nly get mad at scammers and hackers.

    I go on AJ for about 10 minutes because I don't really hand out with friends and friends don't hang out with me.


  10. My username: Waterbender108108
    Reason 1: I just started my own blog and I lvoe yours to look off of as a role model (Not copy or paste though!!)
    Reason 2: I LOVE LOVE LOVE bunnies! My first animal was one, and even if I'm usually a fox, most members aren't bunnies like I usually am.
    Reason 3: I love jokes and hanging out with buddies for no particualr reason! If you're as funny as you say, we'd match well! =^-^=
    Due to having a blog as well now, I go on AJ for a short time in the morning on week days and for as long as I can in afternoons or evenings, all in all at least 3 hours. XP

    Fact 1: I can be a little random. My first animal was a bunny named Daredevil Magicstar. I absolutely love animals and when I was in first grade made a class project to send $150 to the Humane Society. (true story)
    Fact 2: I ignore most scammers. I have never scammed or sworn in any way shape or form but I have stopped some people from doing so. I've only been scammed once, when I first started, from my blue bow. I was a nm then, and didn't know AJ that well when I began, but I haven't been scammed since.
    I'd love to see you around AJ!!!! :D


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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