Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fisher Net!

'Ello jammers!

Sorry about the late post; there is a fisherman net at Sunken Treasures.

It's 650 gems, actually looks pretty cool, and is members only. 

I also noticed that a lot of people on my poll "How do you think AJ treats non members?" many people said -10! I didn't think non members were treated THAT bad. If you don't pay anything, then you shouldn't expect to get everything that people who pay do! :(

I said around 5. 

Please no haters! 


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    1. Oh, well hey, I didn't buy it yet! >:U Lol, jk. Anyways, I sent you another request.. -.- Weird. The e-mail you told me was the one I typed in.

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    1. Ugh I accidently deleted this comment when I was reading it! :(

  3. I think (About the way nonmembers are treated) that no one is meaner than the other. It's not right to pass the blame so much. Both nonmembers and members are kids and can be very rude and very nice. I have no idea who made up the members are mean thing... I got my membership for my B-Day and i don't think it made me mean...


    1. Ikr. That's why I said 5-6 stars, I mean it's not like AJHQ and members treat non members 11 because some members pick on non members, but I'm definate it's not -10!

  4. Yea I put a 6 but without member AJHQ wouldn't have money to pay their employes and then AJ would be no more :( soo AJ treats members with so high respects and stuff cause members kinda keep AJ going...

    1. Yeah, exactly. I would understand why many non members feel like they are treated unfairly, not because I've felt that way (I never have) but I'm sometimes very understanding. (not XP) If everything was free or members didn't get that many more benefits, many people would become members, and Animal Jam soon wouldn't exist!! :(


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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