Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stegosaurus Armor, Advertisements, and Glitches

Hiya jammers! Jammie263 here!

There is a new carnival item! It is called Stegosaurus Armor!

For some reason, I can never get that name right... -.-

And did I ever tell you freedom items are gone? I think I was the first blogger to find it out. I think I posted it a while ago, maybe not. Oh well, I was the first blogger to "post it" if I did on any of the blogs I followed. 

The Stegosaurus armor is ------

HA! I got it right on the first try! >:D

---- very expensive, 15,000 tickets?! But the item looks like 4 rocks, 3 shaped as diamonds! *So cheap...* (talking to self) 

At Animal Jam Community which is owned by TheSlidoo, I found this picture:

It was a few days ago. So, there are 2 items that have a ? on. Now that the Stegosaurus Armor has come out, there's only one left! Looks kind of like tail armor.. I'm guessing it is Stegosaurus Tail Armor. =O (gasps)

Anyways, I don't think this whole summer, I will ever get that item!

There are also some cool pics I found while tubing the web.

This is one that was made by Animal Jam, then redone by someone.. I don't know:

And some advertisements for Animal jam:

Cool huh? :D

Oh, and I found this glitch, also on the web:

So cool! :P

And Animal Jam advertisements in real life:

At the bottom it says:

Brought to Life by:

Animal Jam


Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


  1. i love your profile and i added you on aniaml jam and sent you a jamagram Love ur top hats... Tiger2oo1 is my username

  2. what are the most popular animals on aj starting from the wolf

  3. Were is that place at with the ad for animal jam? Dinosuare World? I really wanna know

  4. I would say the most popular for members is the fox or artic wolf.


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