Tuesday, August 7, 2012

@ Everyone,

Hello Jammers! Jammie said i should post stuff like this more often :\ I just love that emote: :\ ok, that was VERY random...

well,.to the topic. There have been TONS of rumors about someone working for AJHQ and who is not. Mostly it's just threats to make Jammers do something for you.

Unless other people have PROOF, its just a bunch of holoney baloney. it is TRUE, that AJLEGEND is a worker for AJHQ, and that he just made an AJ account because he didnt want to be a guide and be crowded all the time. In fact,
ajlegend is a VERY nice jammer and knows the fairness of rares.

Rocky2133 told me about ajlegend, and that he is a worker. No doubt, he said the items with rare signs will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER come out again! so that means the leap year stuff, fox hats, rare item monday things, and a few more.

There is a better side to this though. Nobody can worry about top hats and gloves and pigtails! guess what? they will all be out in stores in a few months! Scary bat wings (aka nonmember wings) will come out this halloween, and freedom wings,mechs,and leg armors willl come out randomly. The burst you have all been waiting for, in more colors, will come out ONLY this semester! and im not kidding...

Well, I think ya get it now,'


@ Everyone

 Hi jammers! Jammie263 here! Sorry to barge into your post Lehelter, but just saying, I didn't say I didn't believe AJlegend, at least I didn't mean to... -.- And in the comment, I was just saying that, I'm really not so happy... unless all rares come out and nobody starts caring about rares, I don't like when any rares come out actually... 



  1. Ehhh.. I guess I can get over the fact that the rares I have been working for my entire AJ life will be out... -.- for everyone to buy with just a few gems. Oh well.. and thanks for posting! :)

    And I like the :/ face to... I also like the .-. face, the :L face, the :| face, and a ton more... XD

  2. If you mean that the member gloves are coming out then I don't believe that. Why? Cause they were a monthly member gift, and those never come out twice. (endless it's in gold form) And I'm super happy about Top Hats coming out!!!!!

    1. I was just saying that, I'm not really so happy... :(

  3. I could see that, because you have a Top Hat. But if it is true that member gloves will come out then that would be me kinda sad, cause my legendary glove wouldn't be rare anymore. :(

    1. Just saying, I HAVE A LEGENDARY TOO! Think about my scary bat wings! :( It gives me such much memories! I kept on trying to trade it, but I've decided not to now. Unless I get the most amazing deal eva, neva going to. Guess what? I got those wings for a purple glove when purple gloves just came out last year. I was overjoyed, and whoever the person was, they didn't ask for it back. :) Ahh... the good old days.


    2. ikr. Someone traded me a skeleton tail for a top hat once i think.. After that i traded it for a glove or something.

      ^-^ funplay1

    3. Wow.. you were beta? I keep forgetting that.. anyways when top hats were out you bought one and somebody traded you skeleton tail which was also on sale for it. You accepted then traded it for a glove. It's good you traded it for a glove since otherwise it would of just disappeared.



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