Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AJHQ Plaque Prize & Creepy Jammers are my friends?!

Hiya jammers! You may have heard from me that areyoukittenmeh got this AJHQ plaque, but she didn't know what it was? Well, I finally found out!! :P

The AJHQ plaque is an item you get if you win the contests AJHQ holds, even though you already get a news crew badge! :) Cool huh? Here is a different picture of what the plaque looks like:

Also, when I was doing a "pretend scam act" for Animal Jam Friendship, I noticed that on my storage account jammie265, some of my mail were from jammers that were grey tigers! :O

Some of them were my buddies, and some weren't!

But the weird thing was, that when I went to look at my buddies list, the people who in the mail said they were my buddies (when I clicked their user) weren't on my list!!! (I checked again and they are actually at the bottom of the list, even though their users don't start with z) :O FREAKY!!

Wow.. that's strange! I just saved some more pictures, but they aren't there! :O I'll do it again.. brb.

Okay, I got them again!

Here they are:

:P Jam on AJ Jammers!

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  1. Hey Jammie263, is it okay if I use your bunny (Snowflake Snowyivy) As a character on my blog for my story?

  2. How do you create your own blog? Please reply. Thank you!



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