Sunday, August 5, 2012

True Colors

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here! 

I know you guys might be getting bored of so many people saying

"Rares aren't everything"

but they really do care.

Well guess what, this may sound wrong, but it's true, most people DO care a lot about rares. 

1. Sometimes, people just want rares because others look down on people without them. Meaning it's pure pressure.

2. Some others, just want rares so they can become famous

3. And even some other people, just get rares to make others feel bad.

4. If you are new, you most likely don't really know anything about rares.

If you say, oh, I don't care about rares, then that means you should just give away everything you have.

Okay, that sounded mean, but seriously, if you don't want to, it's okay, don't give away your items.

But please, don't go around telling others to stop lying, and make others feel bad. 

I admit, I do care about rares. 

And you go like:

|  |

That is why I don't give away my rares, and probably won't ever give them away. 

That may sound selfish, but it's better than trying to make others feel bad even though you are the one doing the wrong thing. (being a hypocrite)

Nobody should add people just because they have rares.

Nobody should add people just because they give away rares.

Nobody should get pressured to do anything.

And rares shouldn't be the true colors of almost everybody on Animal Jam.

Do you remember the description of what Animal Jam HQ said about Animal Jam?

They said: Animal Jam is a place where you learn, make new friends, and have fun! It is safe, and has a good environment.

Well, something like that!

Do you think Animal Jam is still like that?

If I were the person to decided what to write an review about Animal Jam, I would say something more like this:

"Animal Jam is a place where there are many places you can learn. It is a so-so environment. You can make new friends, yet be careful and make sure they are real friends. You will learn a lot about how to get away from cheating and scamming, yet it is highly prohibited. Animal Jam used to be more about learning about the environment, but is now mostly just about items that are rare, and becoming famous. It is actually very similar to real life, because there are good people, there are bad people, there are smart but good people, and there are smart but bad people. Not recommended for kids under the age of... 8? If you are under the age of 16, I would recommend not dating on Animal Jam. Jammers on Animal Jam may not be what they seem, so just stick to getting to know people that you can see in real life. Overall, just have a good time, and enjoy yourself! (but not too much :P)

Okay, wow that was a long review... -.-

Anyways, here is a song called "True Colors".

I hope I don't get too many dislikes in this post. 

I'm just being honest with all of you!


  1. I kinda care about rares... but only because they are really cool looking! I really want a top hat because they look really cool on all animals, and super cute on bunnies! ;D

    1. Ikr! Top hats look so good on all animals, and especially on bunnies. On the other hand, beards don't really look that good on any animals, so I don't want them that much. 0.-

  2. omg me to i want any top so bad cause they look so cute on bunnys :D


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