Friday, August 10, 2012

Crystal Table & Horse Drawing


Hello jammers! Jammie263 here!

Like I estimated, crystal tables are now in stores!!

It doesn't look that much like crystal to me... more like glass. -.-

I don't know, I would think crystal would look more... pricey. 

It is pricey... but it doesn't look like it's worth 1,000 gems. Not so epic to me.

As an Epic Wonders item, this actually doesn't cost much, but like I said, IT DOESN'T LOOK EPIC!

It is members only, like the whole entire set so far. I'm guessing all the other crystal theme will be members only too.

I also made a drawing at the Painting area in Coral Canyons.. it took a long time, but it would of looked a lot better if I drew it. I just figured otherwise I couldn't send it to AJHQ.... even though I doubt AJHQ will ever put my drawings up there. :(

Don't taunt me, don't taunt me! I don't care if it looks bad!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :)

      P.S. Wait, were you talking about the horse or the crystal table? :P 'Cause if you meant the crystal table, yeah. .-.


  2. I agree the Crystal table is more like glass, I really like ya drawing :D I really hate AJ for being pricey lately tough.... :\
    Happy Jammin'! :)) ~DreamsOfBlue (Thracey11)

    1. Thanks, and IKR! Aj's items are becoming way too expensive... and yay you came to look at my blog! :) You are an amazing blogger!



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