Monday, August 13, 2012

Inside Look: Shout Outs page

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

I have been thinking of new post subjects to do, and I have come up with something!
You know how many animal jam blogs have posts about mysteries on Animal Jam?
Well, I have decided to do something similar, but it won't be just about Animal Jam, it will also have to do with some specialties on this blog!
I will post some things that it seems a lot of jammers have been missing out on! 
And today, it will be about the....
Shout Outs page!!

(no worries, there will be a link to it later on, though you could find the page at the top and click it..)

Here is a little description about the Shout Outs page:

Though some may know, others may not.
 The shout outs page is where you can give your buddies some thanks!
Have you been waiting to thank a buddy?
You are at the right place! 
Click here, and comment below the page!

Bye bye! :)

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