Sunday, August 5, 2012


DO NOT read if you are NOT Lehelter!

Well, you can... if you want. There's no private info... so go ahead! 

@ Lehelter

Hello Lehelter! 

I got your comment, but I decided not to publish it.


Because I don't want other people knowing info you may not want them to know. :P

I do the same for people's names, age, where the live (unless it's not that pacific), and some others. yours which was your email.

No worries, I did read it.

I was waiting for your comment to tell me how to give you a request actually. XP

And I sent the request.

I hope you can check your email fast, because Eightberry2's request for some reason

won't come to her, or she didn't check. 

And I would be glad if you could do some news too. :)

Remember, I love ya guys! <3

And like I just said, I'm fine with anybody reading this post actually! Sorry about being so snappy everybody! :(


  1. Yea... I never got the request... but then again how do you check to see if you got an author request? (sorry I'm new to the bloggers stuff)

    1. Ha! I knew I didn't do anything wrong.. -.- You just go onto the account you told me, and check your mail. Then there will be a request to become an author of this blog! :D

  2. Wait, wait, wait... by my account do you mean my email or what? (sorry it takes me awhile to get something)

    1. Idk if the one you gave me was an email or not... 'cause I only know the emails that end with ",,, and". :P But you gave me the one... I'm guessing email?

    2. Oops I meant

      and that was the same email you gave me like... 3-4 times? I forgot. -.-

  3. Oh.......... but anyways what do you mean my account?

    1. OMG!! Sorry... I get frusterated. Your email account you gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Log on to it, and it will be there! Don't you ever send e-mails?! O.O

  4. Lol I have been looking on it and I didn't get it!!!!! Lol.... but seriously I didn't get it... my email must not be working or sonething...


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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