Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Land Ahoy" by jammie263

Hello jammers!

Yup, that's right! I made a new mini story! :P

Here is a sneak peak... (I will be posting more on my new page)

Land Ahoy! By Jammie263

Chapter 1

          “— and some day, nobody knows when, the shamans are coming back to save us,” my father said, as he had said every night before, over, and over again. “But Father, they have never come back yet! You have been telling me that ever since I learned Jamaanese! How do you know they will?” I said, staring wide eyed at him.  “Because they will Fauna, they will.” Father said patiently, with this kind eyes smiling at me.
    You may be wondering what is going on in my life right now. The phantoms are trying to take over Jamaa. My father is one of the brave warriors in Jamaa’s Clan. There used to be a lot of clans, but once phantoms learned that we went against each other, they used that. Jammers soon realized we had to work together, which is why there is only one clan now. Back to the original topic…
     The shamans, Greely, Sir Gilbert, Cosmo, Peck, Graham, and Liza, went on some sort of quest, about 3 moons ago. Once the phantoms found out, they started attacking, and I personally don’t believe they are coming back to save us. But my father does. I respect that of course, but it has been so long, could they of abandoned us?
     Not that I don’t trust them, but they have never seemed to interact with any of my Jamaa buddies or I, or anybody else in Jamaa. Except my father. He has always been one of the best warriors in the clan, and the—
Do you like it so far? :P I'm currently working on Chapter 3.. I started this afternoon, I have been thinking it through all day at camp. 

Click this link to read the whole thing I wrote:

Hope you enjoy! :)

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