Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Updates

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here saying

sorry about the late post, it took a while for me to get all the pictures and stuff... -.-

So there is a lot, including the fact that there is a new party at monkeys are back!

Oh and, did you notice my new fall look? Lol, of course you did! XD My whole entire blog was blue, now it's orange! They are opposite colors! Anyways...

Monkeys are back!! :D

Ooh, can't wait for the monkey pets! Sadly my membership is ending in 12 days though, I hope my parents will let me get it back. :C

So nature-y!

Such rad items!

Love that music! <3

The monkeys only claw. 

Click the banana on the side of the store, and you can get a banana beside your animal! I'm going bananaz! XD

I'm guessing the plants from coral canyons' old shop will be selling too, sorry to all tiny tree owners also.

They must of taken my advice about letting people be able to give people gems or trade gems for tickets!

Since I have some storage accounts I don't need that much but I have so many gems on them.. you know?

You can get 1000 tickets for 500 gems, 2000 tickets for 2000 gems, and 5000 gems for 2500 tickets!

That's some quite expensive tickets! Unless you aren't that much of a need for tickets and no time to play games, I wouldn't trade. -.-

Also, I kept on receiving this from Animal Jam HQ! Every time you go to the Summer Carnival once, it shows up! Interesting. :P

all picture credits go to Jammie263

Ooh that giraffe looks so majestical! I can't wait to buy it :D Too bad my membership ends soon.. :(

The mythical giraffe seems a bit more of a girl thing, but still a great addition to the animals in Jamaa!

Create your own banner at!


  1. One whole summer and only one non member carnival clothing item. :(


    1. I thought there was two. O.O And yeah, ikr.. I'm going to loose membership in 12 days, so scared! DX

    2. DITTO! My membership ends in 5 days, i am so sad :'(

      oh well, at least i can still play!


    3. DITTO! My membership ends in 5 days...
      Oh well, at least i can still play!


  2. @ Sophie Collier

    Why did your comment appear twice. O.O


  3. YOOOOOOOOOOO i just wanted to say somthing that you did wronge in your post. not to be mean of coarse. The tickets thing it th other way around :D *example
    :its 2,500 gems for 5000 tickets*


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