Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AJHQ Plaque?

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

There's this really cool AJHQ plaque I found out from areyoukittenmeh's blog, Animal Jam Guru Blog!

She met someone who badly wanted a black legend.

She put hers on trade, and they traded her AJHQ Plaque and a lava glove for it! 
She quickly accepted it, and proudly put it in her den! Here is a picture of the Plaque:

I wonder if this item came out, but nobody found out yet, or this item is just a glitch! XP

It appears to be a wooden plaque with a thumbs up sign?
                                                                           |   |
                                                                           |   |___

Wow, that thumbs up sign took way longer than I had expected...

Anyways, Jam on AJ jammers! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Ikr... and nice! You changed your profile pic. Did you notice I added the birds and cocunts --->

      I also added Animal Jam Graphics, idea taken from Goldfishypuppy.

      I changed the "Animal Jam" picture for the link to AJ.

      And I added buddy policy... and last but not least, a PLAY WILD SIGN! :P


    2. i know where they got the plaque it's from contests and howls if they choose your howl of picture then they send you it

  2. That AJHQ thing is sooooo awesome!!!! But I do wonder where it came from...

    1. Ya ikr! And you actually read my comment? :)

  3. OMG. I love AJ but here's is the revolting thing. PPl want to make out with one another \.\ I knoow some 6 year olds who play. Daily. 0mg If you read this please please please PUH LEASE HELP ME!! I am fathering a bunch of jammers who hat ppls who do it on AJ My user is nberry, no caps send me a letter if you interested kk? reminder! -O_ 0- plez some random dude did this to me ick ick ICK

  4. What is an ajhq plaque worth any1 know :)


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