Monday, August 6, 2012

Rare Coral Necklace - RIM, AJ pattern, & Banners

Aloha jammers!

Jammie263 here!

The rare monday item for today is....

the Rare Coral Necklace!

It is at Bahari Bargains for 600 gems!

This item is only in stores for one day, so if you are member

(it is members only)

earn some gems, and head to the ocean! :P

Luckily this item isn't very expensive!

There is also this new design that AJ has added!

It came on Thursday.

I knew about it on Thursday, but for some reason didn't feel like posting it.

This is what the pattern looks like:

It covers the ears, legs, and a bit of the snout

I'm sorry that I don't have a picture...

I didn't feel like going on AJ again...

Onto my banners:

So, do you like my new banner:

It is kind of like an advertisement... it says:

Create your own banner at!

Comment on, join on, enter polls on, and tell others about


Om nom nom! :D

From the creator of Animal Jam Bouncies: Jammie263

And another one:

This one says:

Animal Jam Bouncies/AJB rock!!!

Go to:

Nom nom nom! XD

By the creator of AJB: Jammie263

Yeah.. it's really similar to the one with one of my tigers in the background.

For some reason I like the Glitter type... I didn't do it for all of mine, but almost all. :P

And I have decided just to put banners or signature on my posts, however I like, whenever I feel like it!


  1. I just saw this post about the RIM and new pattern! What animal can the pattern go on?

    1. Ya, it only works on the fox. :L They should make it work on all animals. -.-

      I won't be posting as much because I'm not aloud to go on the computer that much for the rest of my life. Parents said so. UGH!


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