Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Drawing of Me Banners, & Designs

I'm going to show you a drawing I did of...ME! :P Sounds so selfish.

Lol. Not a drawing of me in real life, I mean a drawing of one of my animals, Eternal Fierystar!

It looks bad, so please no high hopes!

Here it is:

The lighting wasn't so good... and it defiantly is my best drawing.

Please comment below and tell me what you think about this banner:

What is says:

Animal Jam  Bouncies! Teehee! :P


Love ya <3!

(I do! :P)


Which design was your favorite? :P 

First of all, here is some info:

The one that took the longest time was probably...

the one that said "Animal Jam Bouncies! TEEHEE! :P"

Or maybe this one design I'm typing right now took longer..

Who am I kidding?! This one took way less time... -.-

And the one that took the least time...

was probably... the one I usually do, which is where I spelled "(I do! :P)"

And last but not least info, my favorite is most likely...

The one that was the hardest, "Animal Jam Bouncies! TEEHEE! :P" 

It looks pretty. :)

No pure pressure in your choice, and comment below with your opinion!

Just kidding, you have to pick what I like, or I'm going to kill you!! >:D

Lol, just kidding again. :P

Don't feel obligated to do something, unless...

I tell you to!! Lol, sorry it's so fun to have fun!!

So long for now jammers! =3


  1. I love your drawings it awesome!!! I'm an artist myself and I have been drawing since I was little and I like it! ;D

    1. Lol I have been drawing drawings way better than the one I just did since I was 6. XD

  2. are you eating alot of sugar??

    1. No, not really. I never eat too much sugar, but I was hyper.. -.-

    2. AAHHHHHHHHH!! there is a coconut tree following me!!!


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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