Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Animal Pictures made out of Outrageous things

Hola jammers! Jammie263 here!
Interesting title.. huh? "Animal Pictures made out of Outrageous things".Yes, a quite random title for a post. 
Here's what happened:
I was browsing the internet, and found this picture of this gorilla, made out of actual colored pencils:

I had happened to be thinking about an idea for a post, and 
it came to me!

I would get pictures of animals, but not just any animals, animals made out of outrageous things!
And now, here I am, about to show you, a few that I found!
Excited? You'd better be, because you should! :P

So rockin' cool! :P

And Eightberry2 asked to have her blog she made today on this blog! So here is a link:

Eightberry2's The Animal Jam Dash 

It's new, but it ain't too shabby! XD

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  1. THX SOOO MUCH!!!!! And those pictures are really cool!!!! I do some sculpting myself. I did actually only yesterday make my own iPod case. Its quit cool and I might post it on m blog too. ;)

    1. You're welcome, and lol I love doing "Huge link"! :P Also, thanks a ton! :) I'm a so-so sculpter, I used to be amazing at making swans... I made one when I was 7, and I can't make it again... :(

      P.S. I can't wait to see more updates on your blog, and could you also reply on your blog? I like you commenting on my blog often and all (I still want you to) but can you also comment on your blog? :D

  2. Of course! And thanks for the tips you give! ;D

  3. ;) If you saw I made my own story on my blog called- The Mystery of the Lost Statue! I already have the first chapter up! And I replied to some of your comments! ;)

  4. Ehhh... Jammie263... my brother kinda just got on my computer and checked my blog out and kinda... deleted your comments... sorry :(

  5. wait never mind, I fixed it :) you don't have to post this comment or the one before either

  6. wow!! That's AMAZING!! I wonder if they could make a tigger out of reese cups???

    1. Or maybe you could make a tigger out of small tiggers.. or a resee cup out of many reese cups. XP


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