Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mind Shaft Door

Hello jammers! Jammies263! 

Today's daily item is the Mind Shaft door! It is sadly member... :(

This item goes well with the Enchanted Hollow den, and looks very cool!

picture credit goes to Snowyclaw
The price is 500 gems at Jam Mart Furniture on the front page. 

I'm using thebeatles0042's old computer, and it can't take pictures.

So I will add a picture from 7:00-9:00 PM tonight, which is in about,,, 14 more hours?
Yeah, quite a while.

Oh wait, she just woke up and told me to copy it... yay! It's not that boring anymore. XD

Lol, this is a random post. To make it more random, she just say she was going to go get some water.

I also copied my signature, I'm going to do the same with my last post! WOOHOO! XD

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  1. Hey i like all this wooden stuff it's cool. :D

    ML AJ
    (P.S. Sorry i havnt really been supporting this blog DX I'll try)

    1. Ikr, especially this one! :D

      P.S. That is okay, nobody has really been posting here since I got my other blogs..

  2. Ok an ok :P

    ML AJ ;D


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