Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Banner

What's up jammers?!

Wow that was an obvious question...

Duh, the sky, the clouds, outer space, and other stuff floating in space. -.-

I should probably stop doing posts that are totally random...

Even though they usually aren't random at all, they just seem random.

Onto the real topic of this post:


This is something one of my camp friends told me their friend says a lot:

"I like bagels. Bagels are round. The sun is round. The sun is hot. My microwave is hot. I microwave

my cereal....

(skips some things)

I have an uncle names Bob. I also have a cat named Bob. My cat Bob is fat. But my uncle is more fat. My cat Bob loves Bagels. I like Bagles. Bagles are round. 


And then it keeps on going.

Onto this actual topic of this post:


Pancakes are a much more serious topic. :D

Wait... something coming to my head!!

"I like pancakes. Pancakes are round. But waffles aren't. =3

Okay, yeah this is seriously getting boring. 

Onto the REAL topic. 

I made a new banner!! :)

And new banner as in not the other banner I made today with my most common used bunny.

I made one with my most common used wolf. 

Here it is:

It looks.. music themed. :P


  1. Reese Cups are ROUND !!!!!!!

    Reese Cups will make you FAT!

    I saw a BOB cat!

    we must be like psychic twins!!

    (I also like your new banner)


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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