Monday, August 13, 2012

New Blog... or not?

Hey jammers! Jammie263 here!

This is an interesting title.. isn't it!
I was thinking of making a new blog for people to go to and see cool videos that they might like! It probably won't have anything to do with animal jam, but then I thought that the blogs can't be deleted (at least I don't know how) so I wanted to post this for your opinion!

Or should I make a blog.. about my life and include that? :P

I will be making a poll about this, so you don't have to comment your opinion in the comments... just go to the side of this blog and enter! :)


  • New blog, about my life (including videos)
  • New blog, just for videos
  • No new blog, you have been taking too much time on other blogs, and not spending as much on this one
  • Your choice... it really doesn't matter to me
  • Ehhhh... not really
  • I think you should make a new blog, I don't know which one though.

And the poll will be up there in no time! But remember, this is something I need to know soon, so the poll won't last long, tell me your opinion on this subject before it's too late!! :D
I will decide once the poll is over, or I have at least 10 votes! So please tell me your opinion!! (on left side of blog, keep on scrolling 'til you see it!)

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