Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peck Drawing

Oh hello jammers! Jammie263 here!

I'd like to show you something! Here are some clues:

1. The title is the answer

2. It doesn't look so good.

3. It is a shaman

Yeah, it totally gave away. I drew Peck the Rabbit Shaman! :P

It doesn't look so good, like I said, but oh well. Here goes nothing:

Sorry it's a bit small.. click to enlarge. .-. I wasn't just getting the look of Peck from my head, I was looking at a photo of Peck while drawing it. 

The copy cat way! :) I like cats. XD

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  1. That's really good! I am both a hand and computer drawer (Which means I draw on paper with a pencil and on the computer with my mouse) And that's really good! When I did my drawings of Greely and the Monkey which were both on the computer. And when I did them a was looking at a pic from Google to help. Very good work!

    1. Thanks.. I'm not nearly as good as you... .-. Oh well! XP

  2. Its fantastic! you are a really good drawer!

    1. Really? Thanks!! :)

      I like to say fAJtastic instead of fantastic... I just like it.



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