Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sorry for not posting

Hello jammers! Jammie263 here!

I'm so sorry for not posting guys! It is just that I am at a sleepover for 2 nights, and their computer can't take pictures... well they can but I don't know how...

so I haven't been posting! This is my last day, and then I'm heading home, so I will post the new (now oldish) news updates soon! It seems that Lehelter and thebeatles0042 didn't feel like posting for me... but they don't really post that much anyways.

There is also a new official video... it looks worse in my opinion.. There is a new contest from AJHQ, to do Fox Facts, but I tried, it's much harder than the Summer Carnival contest! I guess I won't be entering, the only facts I find are facts on only one type of fox, not all foxes! I will be still posting another post for this, because there are no pictures... and that just makes things, boring. Well, not completely, but for news posts, it's just way better to have pictures!

I hope I'm still hanging tight with you guys, I feel like you guys already stopped reading. :|

There will be no signature here, and it wouldn't make sense to put it there later. The signature does however just need a code, but I only have the code on my computer! So sorry if this is the most boring post you have ever read from me! (I have had worse ones, like in the beginning)


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