Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Gliches - 300th post

Hey jammers!

Jammie263 here!

I have finally gotten around posting some glitches I've noticed lately! Here are some, I won't say much, and they aren't things you can do on purpose:

Those two pictures are where you have some buddies, and it is obvious they are online (by the fact you can trade and play games with them) but that it says they are not online! This is actually a pretty old glitch AJHQ has either never discovered or never gotten around to fix!

This is a very old glitch, where the server has no one there, and if you try to go, it takes forever!

The weird part was that when I clicked "more worlds" chimbu had 1 green circle.. .-.

Those were some floor and wallpaper glitches! I have been having many recently! 

This is a glitch for when you are sending mail (must be member). 

1. Why are so many words being highlighted? XP 
2. Why is only fingerngerpr wrong and everything else is correct!? 

3. Wei rdly is not a word AJHQ! 

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  1. lol I remember i was at your house for the sleepover when it happened

  2. the not online this is when on the main thing it says your username and PLAY and LOG OUT

    The server one is a really empty server, the kind i like to go to on UPDATE DAY!!!!!

    papad91278's the glitch queen and news crew member :D

    1. Oh... really? I didn't know the first one. O_O

      The second on yeah, figured that out now. XD hanks for the comment, sorry for the late response!


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