Friday, August 24, 2012

Fox Tail Chair & Pet Finder Glitch

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

The new daily item is the fox tail chair! This item is probably the start of a new set probably all having to do with foxes. It's interesting how Animal Jam HQ is making lots of themed items. 

This item is members only too, for 550 gems at Jam Mart Furniture. I currently can't buy one, because I'm making a special room at the top of my underground den that will look kind of like this:

Except mine will be much bigger and I don't have that cool archway, I only have the lava and ice. :C

So if you have that archway in the picture, if you could (you don't have too) send me it I would be extremely thankful! :)

And Werty12345 found out a new glitch! I call it the Pet Finder Glitch, I don't know about you! :P

click to enlarge
So yeah, click the picture to read it clearly, I haven't tried it yet actually. 

So that's it for now, all credit of the glitch goes to Wenty12345 and Snowyclaw! :)

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  1. Hi :3
    I just wanna say thanks for going on my blog.
    I haven't tried to do the glitch yet, I will try to though. You blog is really awesome :3

    1. Im comin' back, And the glitch doesn't work anymore :( It might be just for me...But I kinda liked it XP Is anyone...not able to do it anymore?

  2. Hey Jammie263 that den thing you showed looked really cool! So I kinda made it in my den! Hope I'm not coping or anything... mines kinda different then the picture.

    1. Yeah I copied someone else's.. and you copied part of my underground den at the bottom. XD And I was like: UGH and then I was like: Oh who cares. O.O



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