Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Updates

Hi jammers! There are a ton of updates for today, so I won't say much of each! Okay? :P

A bit more on the Enchanted Hollow:

I just bought it! :D It looks really cool actually, but I think it's sad that it seems AJHQ didn't choose a winner, they just got ideas from jammers.

Turtles can be on land and water, the first pets that can do so. There is also a new game called Carnival Darts. Here is a bit of what it looks like:

Extra things for settings! Awesome! I'm so happy I finally will remember what World I am at! XD

This page was interesting. It shows Greely, Graham, Sir Gilbert, Liza, Peck, and Cosmos' shadows! I'm guessing it means that we will be seeing them again, as in person, not like when you first start you see Liza. Or they meant they found a new land? I'm guessing the new land would be this one:

And there is a new item at Jam Mart Furniture...

the Tree Stump! :P It is 500 gems, members only!

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