Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to: Make a Banner

Hello jammers! Jammie263 here!

Do you guys want a very own banner of your own...?! Would you rather make it yourselves then ask me to?! 

Well then, here is how to make your on banner:

2. First of all, find this part of the page:

3. I will most likely look less squeezed than this, because I "-"'s it.. chose a size for your banner, or choose "Use Custom Size".

4. Go to "Background" and find this part of the page:

5. Click "Top color" and "Bottom Color", or click "Choose File.

6. If you click "Top Color" or "Bottom Color", choose some colors, and the background of the banner will have the top color turning into the bottom color. :P Sllowwwly.

7. If you chose the click "Choose File", then choose a picture, (it has to end in .png).

8. After you chose your file (if you chose to choose a file), choose what part of the picture you want on the banner. (unless the photo is square, only part of it will show on the banner... wait, also unless the picture is the same exact size as the picture...)

9. When you are done, click "Continue". (at bottom right corner) Btw... the page will be way bigger than that, and so will be the button.

10. Go to "Text", and find this part of the screen:

11. You can change the text, change the color, change the font, change the size, change the opacity, and change the angle.

12. You can also change the positioning of where your text goes!

13. Go to "Border", and change the width of the border, and the color!

14. Go to "Effects", and add special effects if you want, and put overlay (optional) and change the color of the overlay!

15. Go to "Save", and choose how you want to save it. (I recommend choosing "Normal Banner" and check off "Show code box below the banner", as long as you have Blogger.

16. When you are done choosing how to save it, click "Save The Banner".

17. This will appear:

... if you are a VIP member, click that, and if you aren't click "Continue on free!".

18. This will appear if you chose for the code... I don't know about the other choices:

19. Underneath that is the code! Copy it, and you can paste it on your posts or the sides of your blog!

Here is one I just made:

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

If you can't find a way to save it, you may also just take a picture of the banner. It just won't show the special effect in action, just frozen! XP


  1. Hey hey hey Jammie263!!!!! Guess what? I MADE MY OWN BLOG!!!!!! :D It's called The Animal Jam Dash please check it out if you can. I already posted one thing. SO yeah, I'm just super happy I finally got my own blog! But I bet it will never be as good as yours.

    1. Lol, you're like: I ALREADY DID 1 POST! I did about 5 posts a day when I first started, I was hyper! XP

  2. Lol I just don't know what to post about! But could you like talk about my blog (or maybe put a link to my blog) here on your blog so more people can see it? Remember you don't have to either.

    1. I already did.. just like a minute ago. Go to "Other blogs" Page, I also decided to put the blogs up there in alphabetical order! :P

  3. Awesome!!! I'll make my own banner right away!!!! ;D

    1. Did I make it sound complicated or easy? I thought I made it sound complicated... it really isn't! :P


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