Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Carnival Winner & Crystal Couch

Hello jammers. Yup, you heard it, AJHQ has announced the Summer Carnival Winner. I'm not happy... I'm jealous. O.O Someone called RAINBOWRIDER won.

I must admit, hers was very good, but out counting mine not having a picture (because they wouldn't accept the type of pictures I use on blogger) mine was probably as good.

Here is her entry:
click to enlarge
And onto the new Epic Wonders item:

Crystal Couch! Wow, I think AJ is going to make a whole set! I'm guessing next.. there will be a crystal table with crystals for the poles to hold the table. Or maybe crystal pillows that had a bit of crystals on them. They are so jamaasian. :) Yet creative. This item isn't actually the expensive for an Epic Wonders item... -.- I'm guessing the Crystal Table will be at Epic Wonders and the pillow will be at Jam Mart Furniture. Just guessing.

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