Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Strange but true news

Oka Jammers,
I know it seems weird that I didn't start withe heyo jammers but this is BIG NEWS!
Oka so I was with lehelter at a trading party and InvaderZim (who I don't know about)
Came up and said that she hacked silverstein
Idk she just said that she did!
Anyways Jam On Jammers.


  1. :O She hacked SIVERSTEIN? Wow... Guess siver deserves it eh? :P


    1. Yeah, even that InvaderZim admited that silverstein deserved it

  2. Woah that Is so cold but silver deserved I'm just saying ~ A Jammer on AJ

  3. i dont even know who silverstein is DX and why did he deserve it? :(
    oh well i guess i'll never know :(((

    1. Silverstein is one of the biggest scammers ever. She scammed thebeatles0042, and a lot more people. That's why she kind of deserved it.. :P


    2. thats a horrible thing.. I've heard of her. Sometimes I think, "People can be new, so they are vulreble. But, no offence to thebeatles and others, soemtimes, I find it as the jammers foult for belining them. I mean, I never accuse people of scamming. Sometimes I need stuff, so I ask. I say, 'If you have any spare trees please send them to me!' Trees, are unused items. I wanted to make a forst den :3. People said I was scamming. So, they are stupid, no offence to them. Look up scam in a dictoinary!! It means to well, I used a word simaler to this, scandal. here is the definition: Something that shocks people's sence of what is right and wrong and disgraces those who are involed in it. (Sentence) There was a scandal when the mayor stole city funds. See?! That has nothing to do with asking politly! Lets look up politely shall we? Polite: Having good manners; showing consideration for others; courtious. It is polite to say "thank you" and "please". See?! I did say please!! Sorry, I love the dictionary. :3

      ^-^ funplay1

    3. I know what you mean. Once, somebody called me scammer because I said an item was 'rare', which was true because it wasn't selling. Everybody is overusing the word, and yeah, I love the dictionary too. I read the definition before, about 20 times. xD


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