Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to: Totally Free Cursors

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Yeah, no one requested this.. but whatever. I'm sorry if I learned this a bit late... for some reason I could never understand this.

You may notice this sign at the top left corner of my blog gadgets:

Anyways, to get totally free cursors, click it!

Or click this link:

Then look for these things:

click to enlarge
There are some other places you can find cursors at, but these are the ones I use most. 

Once you find them, either click one of the recent views you like, search something you are looking for, or click a category you want!

Then, click the cursor you like! Make sure you don't click the advertisements! :P

click to enlarge

Then copy the code, click layout, then add gadget, and find this:

Click "+", and enter the code in the description area. Don't do a title! Hit save, and put it where you want. Then click "Save Arrangement"! Go to "View Blog" and you will have a new cursor! :) 

Hope this helps! :P

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