Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Membership For Me Ends

Hi jammers! Jammie263 here!

I've promised my post about what happens when you loose your membership, and I've kept my promise. Here is the post!

I'm going to compare what you have when you are a member, with what you have when you loose membership!

Membership Benefits:

1. All items in stock for you! When you are a member, you can buy any item as long as you have enough gems. You may also change the color of an item.

2. Express yourself better! You are able to use more emotes, the ones up at the top that move!

3. More items, means more room! As a member, you can have 200 clothes and up to 300 den items!

4. More animals, more variety! When a member, you can get any animal, and up to 16!

5. Get a pet, dress it up, and save some up! When a member, you benefit with the awesomeness of having pets! This is a members only feature, where you may also go to Pet Shop and get accessories for your pet, and even buy den items made especially for these small creatures!

6. Special dens! All jammers get 1 den, but members can get way more! You can get dens from a Volcano to an Ice Castle!

7. Putting them on, and decorating! Members may wear member clothing, and only members! Members may also put member den items, and only members!

8. Music to spice up your party! Put some music on, and have a ton of fun! As simple as that!

9. Chat by jam-a-gram! As a member, you can write your own messages without needing to pick from a selection of choices. It must be appropriate, and only up to 70 words. You may also accept any gifts from other jammers!

10. An Official Member! You get a special achievement for becoming a member, and for your settings, it shows you are a member and how many days you have remaining!

11. Buy Music records! Like it says, you can by music records! New ones come out often, and you can have a ton stored up!

12. Unlocked! As a member, where ever you go and see a members only item, this will show:

I means you are able to buy the item even though it's members only!

13. Famous, almost! Animal Jam may choose your den to be on the epic dens list!

 Changes and Things that stay the same when you loose membership:

1. Cleared up! You get a few messages and heads up from Animal Jam HQ:

You may either click next or Renew Now. I'm getting it today at night, so I clicked next.

I decided to pick my two most common used animals!

2. Lost pets!? You're pets are still there, but you cannot use them!

3. Less Choices! All of your animals that you didn't choose get locked away until you renew your membership!

4. Feelings stuck inside! Once you lose membership, you cannot use the members only emotes anymore.

5. Just One Den! Even your other dens get locked up!!

6. No more gifts! You accept gifts, or choose your own words through jam-a-gram!

7. Not all accessories! Once you lose your membership, you may not wear every single clothing or put any den items in your den!

8. Still got some benefits! Even though you lose membership, you still have 1 benefit! You have the same amount of inventory and clothing space, so none of your items or clothing disappear!

9. Locked Out! Member clothing or den items for you are not aloud to be bought now, and you can't change color of any item or clothing either!

So yeah, that's it! Such a long post.. took me two days! :P

Jam on AJ Jammers!

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