Monday, May 14, 2012

Buddy of the week - Ceiene

The first ever buddy of the week of my blog is... CEIENE!! She is funny, nice, and extremely enthusiastic. Sadly, she deleted me so I'm guessing she got hacked. 

So it says I'm not her buddy anymore. :(

(I am her buddy now, just that she never comes on, I'm guessing she quit)


  1. I'll get a picture of her soon just that the pesky phantom thing is going on so I couldn't go all day!

  2. Nvm lol I got a picture of her yesterday but I didn't feel like deleting this one and making another one with her picture so there's still no picture but on the right side when you go to the see the buddy of the month person's discription, I showed a picture! :P

    1. can i be a buddy of the week?

    2. im so sorry but ill put u as the next one if you become a member of my blog! theres already someone who i chose but dont worry a week passes by quickly!

    3. Also, if you comment a lot i'll save you a spot for the week after for sure! (but please become a member 2)

    4. Hia jammie it's me kingdomofhearts2! i am following your blog now. plus i put your blog on my youtube acount 2 ^^

    5. Awww... thanks!!! :) Your a really really good friend. Remember when you were waiting for me to finish taking pictures? XD I took a really long time and I didn't even finish yet!! I still have to do my crocodile and the sea animals (not counting seal). I don't like my crocodile though... 0.0

      JAM ON JAMMERS!! :)


Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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