Monday, May 14, 2012

Being My Buddy

If you want to be my buddy, you should know that I have a full buddy list usually and I don't add random people. Please do not ask me to delete me friends because they are all very awesome and I don't want to delete them. Thank you for understanding and if you still want to add me, you can add me on my storage accounts, jammie264, jammie265, Jammie263Storage, nonmemberbatwingsrule135, animaIjamrules4eva, and I whole lot more I can't even name right now. XD


  1. sorry i don't know y it ended in please and now please tell other people about my blog!! sometimes things dont work like its a glitch or something

    1. Lol that is weird! Anyways, can i become your buddy? By the way i lov your blog!! sry ik u said u dont add random ppl but if we tlk im prtty sre i wouldnt be a random person. go to your den a 8:00 (thursday)

    2. Umm... if I meet you, I might add you if we get to know each other well. Also, sorry but I won't be on Thursday at 8:00! And yes, I know it IS weird. It happens to me all the time!



Please be kind to one another. :)

See you in Jamaa,

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