Monday, May 14, 2012

Avoid Being Scammed

Try to avoid being scammed! Yeah, I know this seems unfair since it's very hard to manuver. I was thinking of giving a list of some scammers, but that might hurt people's feelings and even though they are mean, you don't want that happening! Scammers: You have to understand that scamming is wrong and though you may think it's like trading just easier, scamming hurts people's feelings! Some people even QUIT Animal Jam because of it. I know how to feels because I HAVE been scammed, twice actually. Except the second time they gave it back, thank goodness. Sometimes you can get scammed of a little rare... like a fox hat, but other times you could loose big rares such as striped blue top hats! Many, I repeat MANY jammers are scammers! But of course many jammers and nice, kind, and funny! :) Coming to a close... (>^ .^)> <(^. ^<)

~~~~~~jammie263 <3


  1. I'm wondering (since im a very new blogger), how do you get that Anoynomous choice for "Comment as:"! I really wish I could get it so people could comment even if they were a member of the blog (which noboby is right now) Please e-mail me at if you know or if your a member (which I don't know how to become a member but im the blogger so I don't really need to) you can just write back to me by comment! Thanks again jammers!! (>^ .^)> <(^. ^<)

    1. Lol nevermind I figured out how! I just go to the settings and say anybody can leave a comment and then there is an anonymous button :P


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