Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ghosts and Mistake

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

The new item at Jam Mart Furniture are the ghosts from last year's Halloween special.

It is  250 gems, not too expensive, I think I can buy a few. ^-^

It's members only though, just like last year.

There's a new post on The Daily Explorer!

Just about how Doctor Magicstone won the contest for the Night of the Phantoms Jam-a-gram. Nothing we don't know. Moving on...

About the 'new animal' LiitleMighty owns.

There seemed to be a mistake about the new animal.

LiitleMighty was thought of to be an Animal Jam HQ worker testing it out, but the real story is that LiitleMighty bought the card for the Arctic Wolf a little earlier than Animal Jam HQ had expected.

Animal Jam hadn't announced the new animal in stores, but LiitleMighty saw it at Walmart.

Sadly, this 'new animal' is going to be similar to the lion, where you have to pay cash for it, not gems. :(

Anyhow, what do you think will come with the Arctic Wolf card?

Quick Notice: HollyStar's Quest has now been updated. Click here to go there, I'm already on chapter 5!


  1. that is not quiet fair. Not to you, but to the animaljam owner. I am tried of these codes that you ahve to "buy" to get the COOL animals. It stinks. P.S. i really like your webpage,i am bookmarking it to keep updated

    1. IKR! It's really sad since I really want to get a lion and an arctic wolf!

      I hope to see you often on this blog! :)


  2. Well... My membership expired sooo maybe I could get it for my Birthday coming up! :D

  3. Dear Jammie263,

    On the blog "Animal Jam Rage" by Feelers, it says you can buy the card at Walmart, and I guess she had been looking one day and found something suspicious that no one else had! My other guess is that LiitleMighty had found an Animal Jam Gift Card and bought it from someone who hacked into Animal Jam and sold the card at Walmart.

    - iPod4276 (who can't log on to AJ)

    1. Yeah, Snowyclaw said that too. I wonder if LiitleMighty hacked it themselves. I hope there was no hacking going on though, I don't like that. Hopefully just a mistake Animal Jam made. ^^



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