Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phantastic Items

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

Sorry this took longer than I had hoped.

I couldn't seem to be able to go to the party to show you the picture of the witch hat I missed a while ago, but I finally did. 

All bloggers didn't I knew didn't seem to have enough gems for it, so I couldn't use that.

Anyways, onto the daily new items!

The witch hat that I was talking about!

The last year's ones are still rare for they don't have the same colors this time!

It is 300 gems, members only at the Haunted Forest party!

Moving on..

Then comes the Phantom's Light at Kani Cove's Sunken Treasures.

It is 250 gems, members only, since you must be a member to even put it in your den.

The last item is the halo! It isn't a returning item actually, because it isn't an underwater item!

The halo is 300 gems, members only, at Jam Mart Clothing!

Want to see what it looks like before deciding to buy it or not?

This is a person wearing a halo! (no it is not me as you can see from the empty area where a paw would be) I came across this person at the Haunted Forest Party, and decided they would be a great example!

Very high up from the head, don't you think?

Want to have a quick recalling of what they look like underwater?

This is my penguin with a halo on! I couldn't find anyone underwater wearing it so I decided to wear one of mine.

There also seems that there are a few people who own arctic wolves now!

Weird right? How many of these cards are at stores around the world right now?

I already saw how arctic wolves dance and play!

For arctic wolves' dancing.. they look similar to wolves.

For arctic wolves' playing.. they are kind of like tigers they roll over.

There's a new post at The Daily Explorer!

"Plushie Mania - Seals"? Looks like Animal Jam has run out of ideas to post about! XD

How come I feel like I've seen this picture before?

Have a phantastic day!


  1. where did you find this other arctic wolf jammer and how to you make your signature thing, the box that has your bunny in it and says jammie263 animal jam bouncies admin

    1. this blog, i think it's called animal jam creek.

      oh you go to and make one there! i just tried to figure it out myself, it's kind of confusing i guess. :P


    2. cool i should check out that blog and thanks i really needed one >.<

  2. The arctic wolf looks super cool! I want one!


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