Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Rares can Change your AJ Life

Heyo Jammers!
Well some of us know that rares can change your life! 
I've learned about this a lot from xxFreespiritxx/GOldfishypuppy/(i forgot) blog.
I didn't know that rares could make an AJ life so horrid!
Before I knew about this, I wanted rares so badly. I wished that someday I would have lots of rares too. And before I became a blogger, I even sometimes begged. I soon regretted begging jammers for rares and instead started asking people. Then when jammie263 became a member, I felt really happy for her, until she got really rare, with tops, non mem bat wings, lavas, legendaries, and so many more rares. I got envious. I didn't know that getting envious could help you. The more rares she got, the more jealous I got. Finally, I had  a spike. And then a lava. And then some more majorish-minorish rares. I was so happy. I didn't feel one bit envious anymore. But then I traded those spike, a few months later got another spike, a black then blue and pink. Then traded it. Soon, I had a worn. I traded the worn and traded away the rares for my worn for things that I didn't know was not rare. So here I am.. right now, with not that many rares. I regretted for trading those rares I loved. Then.. my old blog got deleted. I was so sad. Now I have Soon, it was all gone, my fame for was gone, my rares were gone too. The more I thought about it, the more I got sadder. But then I started reading I read a lot about how rares made Goldfishypuppy's life worse, and how she lost friends just because of rares. The more posts I read about rares from her blog, the more I hated rares. I hated how the rares made jammers loose friends. I hated how rares made jammers so greedy and evil. But most of all, I hated The AJHQ for not caring if jammers changed just from rares. I hated the AJHQ for not even bothering to take the reports from the jammers getting scammed or hacked by scammers or hackers. If the AJHQ reads this (which might never happen) You may suspend me as much as you want for insulting you. I'm telling the truth. I'm telling everything that we jammers want but have been taken away because of rares. I myself have lost a friend because of rares. Her name is Praya44 (I think it was). When I met her she was so quiet, and really nice. But then one day, I had a glove, a purple one, she wanted it so badly. She promised to give me a lava if I accepted her trade, I was so gullible, that I fell for it. I soon deleted her for doing it to me. And that is how rares can make your AJ lives worse than the beggining
And remeber: Fake friends are even worse than true enemies. And that fake jammers are even worse that true scammers

Jam On Jammers


  1. that has happened to me (._. ) 5 times i have acidently accepted someones trade for my nm glove (they would trade items u could buy) and they wouldn't trade back and i have another friend that always ask me to send my rares and stuff... a couple times i thought an item was a cool beta and i would accept the trade but it would end up being an item u can buy and i just hadn't checked the stores yet so i didn't know....

  2. Hi,
    That was such a touching and true story! It made me remember when I lost my first nonmember bat wings. But now I feel ready to start over as a new jammer.



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