Monday, October 22, 2012

Rare Headdress

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here! 

It's Monday, meaning I have to finish my kumon— I mean meaning there's a rare monday item!

Sorry, my brain isn't that active.

Let's do some tabatas!

Naw... you guys will be so tired you will fall asleep before reading this.

Onto the RMI (rare monday item)!

The Rare Headdress is truly one of my favorites.

Hey, how come i feel like I've seen this headdress before?

Weird.. anyways, I must be thinking about the blue one then.

It is 650 gems, one of the highest priced rare monday items from these past few weeks.

Like the regular headdresses, these are members only.

Sorry to disappoint the non members.

Say, if you get an Arctic Wolf membership you could buy this!

Ah.. I can't wait untiil my birthday, Eigthberry2 says she may get an Arctic Wolf card for me! ^_^

Oh, I almost forgot!

It's at Jam Mart Clothing. (sorry that sometimes I get the place wrong.. some other blogs have the wrong info.)

{Picture Credit to The Animal Jam Expert}

Have a phantastic day!


  1. Awesome! I really hope my parents will let me though. Hopefully they will!

  2. I still can't get a rare headdress because they are not on rare Item Monday a lot any more and when I try 2 trade 4 them I never get them!

  3. Go headdresses! Amazing article!


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