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Questions About the Arctic Wolf

Hello Jammers! Jammie263 here!

I just saw The Daily Howl and AJ Ducier made an awesome post about FAQ (Frequently asked questions). 

Full credit to this post goes to AJ Ducier, because I clearly do not want a phone call from the police saying I copied off someone else's work. :P

Here his is:

I spent two hours calling all these stores....and then I finally went to Walmart and got it!
Here's mine:
Here are some questions you might have, and answers:

Okay. When you first get your Arctic Wolf, it's name will always be Arctic Wolf. If you buy another one, you can pick a usual name like Eternal Icymoon. 


The Arctic Wolf is obviously an Arctic Wolf. Arctic Wolves are more or less like normal wolves, except they have a thick collar of fur around their neck to keep them warm. Their tails are also larger, too. Arctic Wolves inhabit the Canadian Arctic, parts of Alaska, and the northern part of Greenland. For their dens, they usually make two chambers, one for food and one for their young. The Arctic Wolf is one of the only species of wolf that is not threatened. They live in remote areas, where humans don't hunt and where forests and their habitats are kept...nice. Little is known about the particular habits of  Arctic Wolves because few scientists dare venture into the icy and harsh habitat of this elusive animal. Arctic Wolves normally travel in packs from two to twenty wolves. They mostly hunt caribou, muskoxen, Arctic Hares, ptarmigan, seals, lemmings, and other smaller animals like waterfowl. 

There are many cool actions the Arctic Wolf can do! It sits very proudly, with both paws in front, with the back of the paw coming slightly off the ground. The tail waves out in back. The dance is a bit like a swaying hula, the wolf stands up and waves it's paws gracefully to one side and then the other. It repeats this process over and over until you move it or choose another action. Sleep, I must say, is my favorite action. It sleeps with it's head to the left and on it's paws. It's stomach rises and falls gently. When hopping, the tail waves up and down, and the front set of paws leave the ground and the back follow so all the paws are all in the air. In play, the wolf gets down and rolls around on it's back, then gets up and shakes itself off. 

The Arctic Wolf Gift Card Pack comes with, of course, an Arctic Wolf and fifteen thousand gems. It also gives you a three month membership! Arctic Wolf Gift Card Packs are fifteen dollars and ninety-five cents. You will most likely find them at Walmart until they (if they) come out in Animal Jam Outfitters, Animal Jam's shop. 

Yes!! No!! Maybe!! Why so many answers? There are so many answers because it really just depends on what your wolf is wearing. On my Arctic Wolf, I am wearing a Turkey Hat, Leaf Necklace, Let Armor, and a Royal Blanket. The Turkey Hat fits nicely, even if it does slip over the eyes a little bit. The Leaf Necklace looks okay, too, but it is a little wide. The Leg Armor fits perfectly, in my opinion. The Royal Blanket fits well too, but if you wanted it to hang long, it wouldn't look good because it shortens up on the Arctic Wolf.

Personally, I like the large, thick neck fur. If you liked the Animal Jam wolves, foxes, and horses, you will almost certainly like the Arctic Wolf. When I was watching it run, it runs a bit like a horse with a stockier body and longer, skinnier legs. It has a wolf body, but the tail, neck, and nose all look like that of a fox to me. The ears stand erect, not the least bit flattened out like a fox's. (Sometimes fox's ears lay back a little). 

Some fitting names for Arctic Wolves (in my opinion) might be Admiral Arcticmaster, Colonel Berrybear, Countess Canyonbelle, Creature Cleverfox, Dancing Coolgirl, Duchess Cottonpaw, Empress Fancypaw, Enchanted Fieryrose, Eternal Rainymoon, Fairy Roundpalace, General Scarypirate, and Gorgeous Snowyspirit. 

Chapter One
A lone  Arctic Wolf padded along a brown, gravelly road. The road led into a small, wood house with many plants, tables, and chairs. She sat down in a chair and began to write on a small table. "Today went well. Nobody noticed me.....yet. Animals become more and more suspicious by the day. I don't know what to do, will there be more of my kind one day?" She signed her name-Varci-(Var-si) and padded over to a table that held fruit, cups of water, and chocolates. Varci sat down to eat. She ate some grapes and then popped a chocolate into her mouth. She needed to show herself to the world. She was unique, and it was time the world knew. She would no longer hide. Popping one last chocolate into her mouth, the gorgeous and graceful creature whisked out of the house and down the gravelly, brown road. Soon, she was breathing in the fresh, crisp air of Mt. Shiveer. The snow felt cold beneath her paws, and she hurried along quickly. She went across a rickety brown bridge that led into the land of Serepia Forest. She wove along the curving paths through the trees and bushes. Varci went down a ladder, and then took a light brown cobblestone road to Jamaa Township.

Chapter 2

I walked past the Bamboo Forest in the top right of Jamaa Township, which was rumored to be the home of Liza, the panda alpha. As Varci continued down the road, she wondered, I wonder how this will go? Silently she stepped into the center of sunny Jamaa Township. A wolf, plodding along to go to church, spied her. "Wow!" the wolf exclaimed. "Who are you? How did you get that gorgeous fur and tail?"  Varci blushed, and responded, "My name is Varci. I am an Arctic Wolf, that is why I look different." The wolf stared in awe at Varci for a few more moments then said, "I have to go to church, see ya around!" He scurried off to attend his church. That went well!thought Varci happily. As the sun got higher and higher in the sky, more and more animals appeared. Each one always asked the same thing: "How did you get to be like what you are?" or something close to that. By 4:00 in the afternoon, Varci was exhausted by an afternoon of dancing around, showing herself to the wide world. She started home, heading down the cobblestone path into Serepia Forest. She clambered up the ladder and walked along the paths in the trees and bushes until she came to the rickety ladder leading to Mt. Shiveer. She crossed, always careful of where she put her paws. There were quite a few holes in the bridge. Once Varci had crossed, she walked back to her house, paws sinking into the slowly-falling snow. The sun had disappeared, leaving the sky to the dark clouds overhead. 

Chapter 3

Varci walked down the snow-clad path that led to her house. She stepped inside and was greeted by a chorus of happy yowls, howls, screams, and chatters. A thousand voices screamed at her at once. "Welcome back!" "Like the party we made for you?" "Your so awesome and unique!" "I love the way you dance and rest!" "Your a crowd wow-er!" Varci blushed happily at the praise. "Thank you all!" she shouted. They went on to eat chocolate truffles are fruit for the rest of the night. 

Chapter 4

In the morning of the next day, when all the guests were leaving, a familiar shape padded up to Varci. It was the guy wolf that was going to church. 
"Hello," Varci said warmly. 
"Hi. I never told you my name. I'm Richard," said the wolf. 
"Oh," I said, not knowing what to say. 
"You're welcome here anytime." 
"Thanks." He winked. He touched his nose to mine, and walked silently out the door. I watched my new-found friend leave, and couldn't wait to invite him and the others over for tea the next day. 

I think this is the longest post I've ever done. O.O I just really, really like this new animal! My favorite animals on Animal Jam are the wolves, foxes, and Arctic Wolves. I felt the need to write about these amazing creatures, they are so new and exciting! This took me two hours to finish! These Arctic Wolves are like my dream animal, I can't tell you how happy I am that they came out and that I got one! Oh, and if you have the time, do you mind giving me some feedback on my story? I like hearing other people's perspectives. 

Interesting huh? I wish he had pictures of the actual thing. If one of you guys out there get an Arctic Wolf I'd love it if you could send me pictures of it doing actions (including sitting)!

Here is my email if needed (or you can just post it on your blog if you have one and tell me where):

I'd appreciate it if you didn't copy that down and spam me.. XD or stalk me. O.o 


  1. Awwww, thank you so much for posting the stuff I posted!!!! :D!!!!

  2. SammiHeart who does not wanna log out mom's gmailOctober 23, 2012 at 5:13 PM

    Cool story Ducier! I wanna get one so bad >.<

  3. Hey does any one know if after the membership expires if you can still have your arctic wolf or does it take it away

  4. How do you make you,re Arctic Wolves name Arctic Wolf??CUZ I see a lot I mean a lot of jammers with the name Snow Lepord and stuff so plz add me and send me Jamaagram right away!!BTW my account name is disney0061.


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