Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Blog

Heyo Jammers, 
It's thebeatles0042 here, I made a new blog, it's called Animal Jam Times (Friendship Version) So become a member of it if you want... so far there are 2 members, Jammie263 and GreatShot. I didn't post that much on it yet but I hope you become a member of it, and not to be rude but can you please comment on my posts too? And I might not post that much on this blog because I'm busy with homework, school, and.... well my skating classes. I hope you become a member of it, and so far, the posts I did was about stopping bullying, making friends and how I think of friendship, some videos you can click and watch and laugh at, and much more, so I hope you like it and become a member of it, the link is...
I hope you like it :)
Jam On Jammers!

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