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Poll Results #2

Hey Jammers! 

Sorry this took so long. Oh and, sorry the background is distracting but here are the results for the polls that ended a long time ago that were still there:

If its hard for you to read, most people like news posts, which I do most often. And the second favored are my contests, which I only made 1 of because.. I don't know I just don't like doing contests where I give away stuff.. I don't know why. XD

Hmm... so this was about my signature I'm assuming. Sorry it was too large to get one picture of.. but just put those together. :P The most favored was the one I just made. Okay!

 Seems like a lot of people like the monthly member gifts and freedom wings! Freedom wings are most favored and monthly member gifts are second.

My favorite parts of AJ are bddies, having fun, chatting, playing games, and awesome clothes and items. :P Seems like most people agree on me, but it's disappointing to known 29% people love rares. I love them, but they are not my favorite part, since they kind of ruin the fun.

Okay, I may of done this one before, I think I did but anyways...

most people thought striped blue top. Before, that was true. Now, it is red top but I didn't put it up there so I'll give it to you guys, you know me pretty well! ^^

Sorry those couldn't connect so well either... but most people know other glitches I didn't name, and a lot of them know Coral Canyon ones and Jamaa Township ones! 

Eek! Many people think non members are treated -10? That's offensive guys. I knew you people would say that.. sigh. I wouldn't agree with 11+ either. My opinion would be from 4-8 is reasonable. Some places you MUST be a member to play, so I think AJ isn't being that unfair.

For this one, sorry you can't read the question but it says "What do you think about my songs?". To my joyfulness, most of you guys said Rockin' Awesome!! :D. Yes, I am a good writer. XD Just kidding.

Sadly though, 1 person said No offense, kind of bad... :( and 2 people said Horrible! The worst songs ever!! D:. Fine, I'm not the best song artist ever.. gosh. o.o

For this one, most people both, which I did too. I like the happy ending more like a lot of you said, but the sad ending gives a different meaning. What really bothered me was that 2 people didn't like any.

Let's take a look at this one. This is my favorite poll results, because 15% of the voters said me!! Yay, I actually thought I wasn't funny.. anyways I can't tell you who I voted, but they got quite a few votes as well. Sadly, Moosab and Taliya seem to not be favored.

Also, on CS I did a post that I really liked. Just read the story:

Username: Feeling the Love

When Did You Join? September 2012

How Many Rares/VRs Do You Have: I have about 5 rares.

What Is Your Ultimate Dreamie: The warrior cats, dragons especially the PPS, joker dog, and three-headed dogs.

A Pet Of Yours:(Virtual in CS) 66839146&trans=1.jpg.png
Pet's name: Black-eyed Bunnies

That is the main character, and here are the other characters:

Pet's name: Lela 

Pet's name: Orla

Pet's name: Kelly

Pet's name: Flowela

Story About Your Pet:(4 Paragraphs or plus) 

I hopped onto the grass, with sparkling drew drops. School starts in 5 minutes, I can make it, I thought. Suddenly, I saw my best friend, Lela.
"Hey Lela!" I waved my paw at her and she turned. "Hey Bunny! Want to hop to school with me?" She asked bouncing up and down. "Okay!" As we hopped, I talked to her about the bully in school, Kelly. "How come Kelly's got to be so mean?" I quietly asked Lela, hoping Kelly wasn't near by. "I don't know. She's such a big bully. Maybe someone treated her meanly before." Lela was always calm, but talking on this topic always made her shiver a bit. Suddenly I heard someone. "Hey, who are you talking about!?"
I didn't even glance back. I knew who it was, at least I think I did. Not from the voice, but the type of way of talking to others. "Err.. no one! Hehe, my imaginary friend." I shrunk down, wishing Lela and I could disappear. Lela dared a look behind us. "It's just Orla," she whispered into my large ear, as I quickly and boldly looked back.
"Hey Lela and Bunny!" Sure enough, it was Orla. She was the new kid in school, although sometimes rude like Kelly, which made her able to scare people by just talking. "H-h-h-i." I staggered, standing tall again. "Bet I scared you, huh?" Orla winked at me, laughing a bit. "Uhh.. no." I lied, hoping I didn't seem like a scared-y cat. 
"We'd uhh... better get going or we'll be late for school." Lela was good at making excuses, although she wasn't exactly lying. "Right.. I'll leap with you guys then." Orla didn't see to get it. "Okay, I guess." I murmured under my breath. At once, she grabbed us both and leaped toward the school as quick as lightning. Oops, I almost forgot she is one of the strongest and fastest kids in school now. 
Everything went well, until lunch time. I walked into the cafeteria, hoping to spot Lela. "Over here!" She waved her paw at me, smiling. I hurriedly went over to the almost empty table, but was too late. 
"Hey puny. Give me your lunch." Kelly was standing in back of me, tall with a snarl on her face. I turned around, quickly handing my lunch to her. "Seriously? This is like nothing. You owe me." She snarled, laughing her evil laugh as she punched everyone in her way. "Eek, she's harsh." Lela patted the seat next to her, and I sat there. "How come she never bullies you. Is she scared of you, or you did something to her?" I looked at Lela's face, hoping to find an answer but her poker face was on. "Well, she used to bully me a lot. But soon I just tried to blend in and she stopped." Lela didn't say anymore. "Hey Lela!" Ryan flashed his million dollar smile at Lela, and turned back to his lunch. 
"You do realize he likes you, right Lela?" I asked, kind of jealous since Ryan was the most popular boy in school, and definitely the nicest and cutest. "Aww.. come on. Why would he like someone like me?" Lela blushed, not willing to let me know she liked him. Everyone liked him, and she wasn't good at hiding love related feelings. "Hello Bunny!" Ugh, Randy again? "Want to go out with me?" His voice was so high pitchy. "No way! You are disgusting." I rolled me eyes, wishing he'd just stop.
Rinnnggg! Rinnngggg! It was finally recess. I hopped onto the trampoline with Orla. "So.. you know Kelly?" Orla asked between hops. "Yeah, she's a real mean-y." I sighed, hoping a little lower now. "Well I think—" Orla was in mid-sentence when Lela came leaping toward me yelling "Bunny! Watch out!!" That's all I heard. I didn't get it, until I saw Kelly. She was stomping toward me, extremely mad. icon_evil.gif I leaped into the bush, hoping she didn't see me yet. I felt sick. icon_redface.gif "Come out, come out wherever you are!!" Kelly yelled ripping the bush's leaves and grabbing me by my ears. 
She punched me. Literally, punched me. I wasn't in her way. Someone must of planned this. I tried to look around to see if anyone was giggling, but I couldn't see. I couldn't see, at all. 
Our nurse was too busy, and I didn't feel like saying what happened. Kelly would kill me if I tattle tale-d on her. Orla carried me the whole way home, and Lela was next to me. At least that's what Orla said. I still wasn't able to see anything. "Oh honey!" It was good to still be able to hear, you don't know how much it hurts when someone grabs you by the ears. "Hi" My voice was a bit scratched, as I lay limp. "Some day, I'm going to teach Kelly a lesson.. some day." I said quietly, and from that day on, I have always been called Black-eyed Bunny.

Any Other: Lol, yeah it's really long. I wrote a lot more than I had though. Like it? I think it is pretty good! icon_e_biggrin.gif

Do you like it?

So that's it! I'm going to take away those polls now, so get ready to see a really blank side! :P


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